Utata Thursday Walk 745

Hard to believe that it's the penultimate day of July. Pandemic time seems to telescope our perception of time. It's been over 4 months of lockdown life and the re-opening is where we're at. Still, there's like this one month lull left before we see how things will be when school returns. Till then we can only live in the month I think. A state of permanent now. Imagine if all our nows were a Thursday. The Utata Thursday Walk. It just wouldn't feel the same, wouldn't you agree? Where's the anticipation of the weekly date? Where's the feeling of being in the moment with your camera when it arrives? Where's the reflection as we post the images we want to share in this thread as we tag 'em with utata:project-tw745? I don't know, but I do know it just wouldn't feel the same.
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