Utata Thursday Walk 767

Not very often do we have a Utata Thursday Walk on New Year's Eve so it seems fitting that 2020 would afford us this opportunity. It's been a strange and devilish year, one that everyone wishes to forget. But that's the wrong mindset. We will never forget 2020 because the world became so small in many ways. I think it pointed us to the notion that when pushed, humanity does deserve some credit for being humane in the face of stress and utter incomprehensibility. Amidst all the crap that people do to each other we can also appreciate the compassion that brings the best in each of us in a crisis. My hope is that we will see a better world emerge when all this is over. Pollyanna, perhaps, but hope will do that to you. So, here's to the New Year! And we can celebrate the end of 2020 with a Utata Thursday Walk and ponder the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Tag your photos with utata:project=tw767 and post one small image in this thread.
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