Utata Thursday Walk 798

Every 4 years the world turns its collective gaze to the Olympic games. Because of the pandemic Tokyo 2020 is taking place now. It's odd to watch them and see no fans in the stands, hear about COVID-19 outbreaks in the Athletes' Village, all while another wave afflicts Tokyo. But if you are a sports fan you watch to support the athletes, people who've dedicated countless hours to training for these events. And as much as I don't like political nationalism, sports nationalism is a benign emotional state meant to make us feel good about ourselves. And perhaps if they give out medals for photographic projects, Utata's Thursday Photo Walk merits consideration. Today is Thursday and we walk. Take some photos. Tag 'em with utata:project=tw798. Post one small image sample in this thread. Walk. Photograph. Share. That's our mantra.
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