Utata Thursday Walk 819

It's the penultimate day of 2021, year two of the current pandemic. What has changed for us? What is in store for us? Will there ever be a normal again? For me, I had the privilege of working a job that is well suited to being a remote presence. And even though I have been physically at work two or three times a week in the fall, it looks like I can stay remote a bit longer as Omicron cuts a swath through the vaccinated. I'm one of those people who thrived remotely. You've heard of us. The introverts. The shy ones. All of a sudden our skill set became invaluable to the organization. So, as 2022 comes forth, I am going to be as water, as Bruce Lee would say. And now for the last Utata Thursday Walk of 2021 I ask that you tag your photos with utata:project=tw819 and post one small image in this thread. Project 365 (2021) | 30 December
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