Hey, I know her! (Cyrena from SGS)

David Lindes

I was walking along on 4th Avenue (for the Utata Thursday Walk), and I saw this billboard. The face on it is a familiar one to me, and the name (Cyrena) matches the face I know! I know her! And she only works a block away from where I was at the time, too. Heh. So I set this up as a double exposure, went over to where she works, and, finding her there, took the second exposure. Alas, it was pretty dark in there, so you can't really tell all that well. I sort of expected as much, but was hoping it might manage to work somehow. Ah well. Anyway, you can see hints of her hand, and I think someone else's arm, and some light in the background of that shot that shows up on the camera-right side of the billboard.

This is probably only fun for me, and maybe others who know her. Still, it had to be shown. :-)

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