Old vs. New

Kelley Hussey

Think this is old? It's not. The design might be... for as long as I can remember, the white house at 1200 was an enigma, an example of opulence in my end of town that was beautiful and yet, so far away. I imagined rich people lived there. I imagined a life that rivaled Laura Ingalls Wilder, my own personal heroine. I imagined so much, between 1977 and 2003.

When the Old Fire came on October 25th, 2003... 1200 40th Street burned to the ground. The only thing remaining were its twin chimneys and river rock foundation. Now, 4 years later... it stands in the fall sunset, light glinting off its new windows and fire-coded structure. I imagine it has everything it needs to stand tall against whatever fire comes its way. Most of the rebuilt houses do.

The roses... they're old. They survived. I have a small rose hip from the right-hand rosebush. I hope I can make it grow.

The house... only 2. It took that long for the owners to overcome whatever obstacles they had to rebuild this landmark in my life. I have no idea how old this house is. I know its property is older than my 30 years, but I remember asking Daddy about this house as we slogged up 40th in bare feet and rain slickers, headed to the wash in the pouring rain to see what we could see.

On my Thursday walk for Utata... November 15th, 2007.

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