Utata Thursday Walk 840

Derecho. Straight-ahead. I learned a new meteorological term this weekend when a straight wind storm tore a path of destruction through southwestern, central, eastern Ontario and into Quebec. Imagine a narrow wind tunnel 100 km wide travelling almost more than 1000 km (620 mi). A straight line from Windsor, London, Kitchener, Peterborough, Ottawa, Quebec City. This is a very rare phenomena in the Great Lakes. Apparently it's rather common in the U.S. Midwest where flat plains are plentiful. Thankfully power has been restored to the majority of the area, but the loss of trees, damage to homes, and 10 deaths must be witnessed. I feel lucky today, walking around the neighbourhood, and contemplating the worst for me was 4 days without power and tossing out some suspect food. So, we carry on. It's another Thursday. A Utata Photo Walk day. Tag your photos with utata:project=tw840 and post one small image in this thread.
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