Sky in the Lake Pan

Wayne Upchurch

A Thursday Walk special.
One of the featured weekly threads in the Utata group, and a weekly project on the Utata site, is a Thursday Walk.. a fine habit for anyone, to schedule a photo walk at least One day a week.
Today's walk was sparked by a great blue heron sighting, but I never got close enough to it before it quietly flew away. On the way back from my closest approach I saw this reflection in the lake surface. You could be forgiven if you think those subtle ripples are light rays through the clouds, but they are lightly wind-rippled lake surface.
Only after importing the three sliices I put together to create this panoramic image did I notice a vague, but definite, eye-shape to it.
Other methods used in finishing the image up included some basic tonal tweaks, via adjustment layers in Photoshop, followed by a quick dip through conversion into the Lab color space for a color boost, which I then backed off.
I now have this panorama fo my dual monitor desktop image.

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