Gary Tumilty

Or "How I got barred from Sainsburys"

Let me tell you a true story.

Today I was out an a photowalk through Middlesbrough, and decided to get some lunch and have a poke around Sainsbury's, as I've noticed that its a popular supermarket for photography, as any search on Flickr will prove. Maybe its down to its colourful trolleys etc.

Anyway, as I enjoyed my spicy chicken and tomato pasta, I took a snap or two of said trolleys. At this point I was joined by a member of staff who asked what I was doing. he was pleasant enough, so I told him, and showed him the shots. He seemed happy, we had a laugh and he went back off to work, allowing me to keep shooting. Two minutes later I was joined by a different member of staff.

This was a stocky, bald man in a fluorescent jacket. he had no Sainsbury's logo on his clothing and I assumed he was some form of site security. He came up behind me, nudged me in the arm and demanded my camera. Obviously I said no, and showed him the pictures I had taken - all of which were of trolleys. After this I was told that I was barred from the site and had to leave the car park before the police were called.

I spouted my rights as a photographer and how I hadn't done anything wrong, which only made him angrier. and only made me angrier as well. He claimed I was taking pictures of peoples belongings and cars.

I left, positively fuming, with him escorting me from the car park.

I was so angry I went back...

... and took this shot. Right by the front door.

I hate you, Sainsbury's.

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