lifestyle shot: fresca- sparkles inside to match your sparkles outside

Lori Hale Williams

Client: Your Favorite Cola Company

Project: In our fictional world, "Your Favorite Cola Company" is getting ready to roll out their new print advertising campaign and they need some hip photography to go with it. We need to give them lifestyle and product imagery to support this campaign.

Situation: "Your Favorite Cola Company" has decided to bring back one of their most successful campaigns of all time and have refreshed it to have a modern, youthful, hip, feel. As always they want to drive home the iconic symbol of their brand while giving off a youthful prescence.

Project Goal: Produce product and lifestyle imagery that supports a youthful, hip and modern ad campaign.

Must Haves: Each photographer needs to provide two images. One product shot and one lifestyle shot. The lifestyle direction must be clearly apparent in the product shot and the lifestyle shot must have the product in it. We are open to ideas as to where and how these images are shot, but they must immediately say "cool and hip" and appeal to a relatively young audience...

so here and here are my shots. Let me know if it makes you want to go buy a fresca!

note: I don't endorse fresca, but it did have the prettiest can. I don't even like fresca.

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