Utata Reflects

This weekend's project is entitled UTATA ATATU which is another way of saying show us your reflections. In this project, we are looking for photos of reflected objects. The main subject of the photo should be the reflection. Pretty much any reflection is acceptable with a couple of exceptions. No self portraits in a mirror and no landscape shots where the main reflection is the sky. We're trying to focus on the reflected object in this project. Other people (not the photographer) are okay and if it's a landscape that includes sky, that's okay as long as the main focus isn't the sky. Photos can be 'found' or 'made'. Put a favourite object in front of a mirror and see it from a different angle. Look around your house and see if you can see other sources of reflection, like your silver teapot or your living room window in just the right light. Be a reflection hunter. :) Up to 3 archival shots can be included, but we encourage you to take new photos for each project. As a reminder, Utata Projects are a way to showcase your best work on each theme. Maybe your best three, maybe your best five...you decide. But if you find the number of photos you're submitting gets up into the double digits, you might want to consider getting a bit more selective. Have fun!
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