Cat's Meow

Linus Gelber

Instacrush. She's with three friends and leaves early, and what a smile.

I pick up a last-minute shoot despite the drenching rain, and head out to some sort of Halloween party at some sort of club to benefit some sort of theatre company. Hey, what do I know, I just take the pictures.

It's hella dark here in the upstairs party room at Libation on Ludlow Street, of course, and cramped, and good fun all around. I'm not sold on the promotional orange-infused tequila, but life is like that. Nightclub party crowds often leave me unimpressed; these folks are way more fun than usual. And dressing up silly really brings out the best in people.

I'm here on assignment tonight with New York Cool. A set of partygoing shots from tonight runs in the November 2006 issue.

For the record: cat ears. See 'em? It counts as a costume. In-sta-crush.

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