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Wednesday's are going to be ... uh .. I haven't got a name yet - but something like "The Utata Ad Agency". This is where we have a tagging project that requires a specific thing that a pro would be asked to do - to make a photo to fit in a specific place or to be used for a specific purpose. The aim is to help people think in terms of "to order" and "usage" - those going pro will need to be able to deal with this sort of work and it's often challenging (in a good way) to make or decide on a thing for a specific type of final use. The first Wednesday project - entitled Utata Makes Music has the following assignment from the Utata Ad Agency: "We've got the job of doing all the packaging for a major music label! They need a bunch of new CD designs for all their major categories. We need to make a presentation of CD art. "All photographers should submit CD designs and include in the description or title the name of the band and/or album for which it was designed." Fictional bands, songs, albums are fine. Real ones are fine. Satires are fine. Have fun! Want to know how we make the CD project happen?
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