Bridge Between Earth and Sky

Linda Plaisted

by the Druids

© Linda Plaisted
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The tree was the primary symbolic reference within the druidic tradition.
The trees were bridges between the realms of Land and Sky as they could communicate water between those realms, and a tree could symbolize the three realms united in harmony on a riverbank, on a seashore etc. Beneath the overspreading branches of a tree one could create a sacred place for poetic inspiration and spellcasting.

The roots and the branches of a tree symbolize a relationship between the Sky and the Underworld and the the seasonal life cycle of a tree symbolizes birth, death, and rebirth or the Druid concept of reincarnation. Trees are also the basis of the "secret" druidic language: the Ogham.

And no, I'm not a Druid, thanks. But I am currently reading The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper- a terrific young adult fantasy series with a delicious Arthurian theme and references to the old Celtic and pre-Celtic mythologies. Those themes were dancing in my mind as I caught this tree dancing in the wind, and later as I cast a spell upon it in my workshop.

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