Brenda Anderson

I was doing my weekly supermarket shopping yesterday, pushing my trolley down the cereal aisle in search of our usual staples of Corn Flakes and Coco Pops when I looked up to see a row of big boxes of Cheerios!

Oh, yes, most of you will probably say, "so?" Well, Cheerios has always been one of my favourite breakfasts and I lamented the fact that when I moved to New Zealand I could no longer have it. You see, here in New Zealand, cheerios are small, redskinned sausages, which in America we call 'cocktail sausages'.

On each trip back to the US, my mother always made sure she bought some Cheerios for us, and the kids look forward to having this "different cereal" when they can. My parents have even mailed us boxes of Cheerios in the past.

So, I got home and Sophie was helping me unpack the groceries. She pulled out the box of Cheerios, looked at it in amazement, then yelled out, "Rachel! Eric! Mum got Cheerios!!" They both came running and we had to open the box then and there so they could each have a handful. Eric went to get out the "Cheerios Book" that my mother had got them many years ago (it has pictures with 'missing Cheerios spots' that you have to fill in) and they took turns putting the Cheerios on the page and then eating them... talk about brand awareness in children!). :)

So now I can tell them, "hey guess what? We've got Cheerios in New Zealand now!" ... at least until the latest shipment runs out.

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