Matthew Brown

LACMTA Express 577X to El Monte, stopping nowhere en route from Norwalk Park'n'Ride, which is here. I was waiting for the 577X in the other direction, to Long Beach.

This bus is by North American Bus Industries (NABI), who despite their name are (or were, at least) Hungarian-owned, with the bus bodies built in Hungary and then shipped to Alabama to be fitted with engine, transmission and running gear, interior fittings and electronics, and enough in general to put their North American-sourced content over the magic 50% mark.

Most municipal transit services in the US have an official 'Buy American' policy requiring everything they buy to be at least 50% North American made, thus the reason for "the world's longest assembly line". A quote previously used by Cadillac for the Allante, but they don't make that one any more.

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