Mitch Eaton

I gave myself a challenge. Go to the Panhandle of Florida in a couple of days on the newest bike. The challenge? I had forgotten it was mother's day on the 14th. So I packed the gear and headed off. The first day out I experienced the wrath of God. First lesson learned? Sleet hurts. It's May already! Whats with the sleet? Hanging out under an overpass for about an hour before continuing. Got some gas and the heavens opened up again. Slacked off and 10 miles down the road was the traffic jam from hell. Backed up from the South Carolina border to Fayetteville. Ok, time for some food. Eat a little dinner and lo the traffic jam has cleared up. But it's pouring like Noah needs an ark. Call it a day and hope tomorrow is better. Get a room and immediately tune to the Weather Channel. (in the interest of full disclosure Pop worked for them for a while back in the '80's.) Looks good until you see the storm front moving in from Texas along Interstate 10. With the Eaton luck in full force I just know that I'll hit Florida, go to get onto 10 and then Hurricane Hilda will strike. Instead, I get a patch of sunshine that just follows along with me. Doing family stuff most of the week I don't have much time to get out and just ride, but I took a cloudy afternoon for a little ride to try and get some shots of some pelicans and pull off on a little dirt road to nowhere just before the causeway to Appalachicola. Fun riding and a few pelicans later and then I'm back on the road to get back with the family for a couple of more days at the beach... Starting on Friday I leave to make the trek back home via Atlanta and Virginia Beach. 1300 miles later and I'm glad to be back home safe and sound.

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