Op de plaats rust, Stand at ease - Labour camp Amersfoort - 1943

Nelma Franke

In 1943 my dad was send to the concentration- and labour camp Amersfoort in the Netherlands as a convict, because he refused to work for the nazi`s. Later that year he and so many other men were transported to the aircraft factory Henschel nearby Kassel in Germany. He was lucky... he survived in relative good health.

The cloth you see where old uniforms of postmen, army and police, they have to wear that when labouring. Well... at least he had something to wear, as I said, he was lucky.

I found this and many more after the dead of my parents. I never knew he was in a camp. He would not talk about what he had seen there. It was a nightmare.

After the war he and mom did go back and they and the family who helped him during the terrible time, becomes friends till death. He did never feel hate against the Germans, only against the nazi`s.

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