IP 01

Frank J Sochacki, Jr



Subject Requirements:Shoes, a beverage and something blue

So, yeah, I've been really neglecting my photography for most of the year, and have been pretty aimless with what I shoot when I did, outside of another, 52 Week, project.

So I've decided that there would be no better way to get back into it than with Iron Photographer. Because where else would you start? It's better than nowhere, and while the elements are often discordant, quasi-legal, often flammable, and random, those actually *are* the coherent elements which create the boundaries within which to work.

Right? I thought so.

So, not to be a total … whatever, one element I'm going to impose upon myself, for a sense of fairness to those who have gone before, is to maintain the 2 week timeframe on which to work a particular IP challenge. Once I'm done, though, I will move right on to the next.

"But," one might argue, "you already have a list of all the elements, and could just plan ahead." This would only be spoken by someone who didn't know me. Deadlines are the last 2 hours before something is due. Unless, of course, I get a flash of inspiration. But anyway, I'll do my best to stay within the spirit of the project. Unless, of course, I don't.

So, we'll see.

(did you actually read this far? wow.)

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