IP01 | the doctor told me to stay at home

Martin Suess

… to not spread the influenza over all Rhineland-Paladia and the surrounding territories. 30 seconds later he told me I should take short walks on fresh air to recover. And I had to much headache to solve that riddle. Some days later I find myself about 25 steps away from our front door to try to nail down an over 6 year old Iron Photographer challenge.

Some fearless have started the quest to do at least the first 10 IPs this year, and this is the first one.

Location: Outside (as outside as I can make it at the moment)
Lighting: Daylight (was fading away, damn you winter)
Subject Requirements: Shoes (my shoes), a beverage (most likely peppermint tea in my Toy Story cup, I had a lot of peppermint tea the last days) and something blue (running shoes).


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