Iron Photographer #11

Time to introduce the new elements to be featured in Iron Photographer 11. And here they are: 1 - a portal 2 - a curving line 3 - the color blue The portal can be any sort of door, window, archway, gate, etc. You needn't include the entire portal in the photograph, but there must be enough of the portal so that it's recognizable. The curving line can be any curving line other than the portal. It could, for example, be the back of a cat, or a bicycle wheel, or a planter. The critical aspect is that there must be a predominant curving line. The color blue is...well, it's the color blue. It can be part of the first two elements or an independent element. The only thing that matters is that there must be a significant blue element. There you have it. Iron Photographer 11. Get out your cameras and get cooking.
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