Iron Photographer #14

Here are your new elements: 1 - Something light can pass through 2 - The color green 3 - Lighted by a flashlight By something light can pass through we mean something that, you know...light can pass through. It can be clear, transparent, translucent, diaphanous, gauzy, gossamer...any material that light can easily pass through. Glass, nylons, perspex, it doesn't matter. But it must be IN the frame and light MUST pass through it. The color green is self-explanatory. Unless you suffer from a form of color blindness. In that case, consult a non-color blind friend. If you elect to use something that's both green AND translucent, you may want to find some other element to add to the image. Now, the tough part: lighted by a flashlight. This will probably require some experimentation since it will necessitate longer exposures. Most point-and-shoot cameras today have a 'night' mode, so I'm hoping that won't be a problem. The flashlight can be in or out of the frame, but it MUST be the primary light source.
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