Does anyone remember Dubonnet?

Rachel Irving

Because Rose evidently does. Tonight I set up a pretty dull idea for iron photographer 14 to kill time while I waited to find out if my mother's plane had been able to land. These were the criteria
1 - Something light can pass through
2 - The color green
3 - Lighted by a flashlight

and just as I got the flashlight balanced on the toe of a shoe rose came and sat down in front of it all, and suddenly I remembered Dubonnet. For those of you who don't it was a brand of vermouth which had it's hey day in the 70's and on the label there was a cat sitting in front of a bottle with a label with a picture of a cat sitting in front of a bottle and so on like infinite flickr. As a child I used to love those labels. Anyhow it's a silly picture, but in my opinion better for the addition of a cat, and my mother has landed.

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