Iron Photographer #16

Here are the elements for Iron Photographer 16: 1 - a chair 2 - back of a human body 3 - sepia tone The first element is pretty simple; a chair is a seat for one person. We'll accept any sort of chair so long as it meets the basic definition of a seat for one person. The next element isn't so easily defined: by back of a human body we mean the posterior side of any aspect...partial or full...of the human body. It could range from the back of a person's ear to the back of a full body. The back of a leg, the back of a shoulder, the back of the head...we don't care. And yes, we know somebody is bound to entitle a photo "Baby Got Back." It's a risk we have to take. Finally, the photograph should be in sepia tone. Sepia, of course, means the image should be processed in shades of brown rather than in color or in black and white. This can be done in just about every post-processing program available.
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