Iron Photographer #18

Here are the elements for Iron Photographer 18: 1 - a mirror 2 - something blue reflected in the mirror 3 - soft focus The first element, a mirror ought to be pretty clear. We're talking about a mirror, not just any old reflective surface. We don't care about the size of the mirror. We don't care if it's broken. But it must be an object that was intended to be used as a mirror. The second element, something blue reflected in the mirror, is also pretty self-explanatory. Again, we don't care what it is; we only care that it's blue and that it appear in the reflection of the mirror. However, the camera or the photographer should NOT appear in the mirror. The final photograph should have a soft focus. We don't care how you achieve that effect. Put gauze over the lens, smear the lens with petroleum jelly, use a filter, shoot through a screen window, use some sort of digital post-processing's entirely up to you. We also don't care how soft the focus is, though we think it would be a good idea to avoid making it so soft that we can't identify what's in the photograph.
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