"Concierge, Seats for Three Please"

Maureen Shaughnessy

This is our main dining room ... our house is 900 square feet with no dining room. We have a small table in our tiny kitchen where we gather for family meals, but whenever we have guests, it's pretty crowded. So we eat outside every chance we get. Even when it's lightly raining, we dine out in the garden. We have a large umbrella over the table, which is also pushed up next to the lilac hedge. I've pruned the lilacs so their branches create a "ceiling" over the chairs as well.

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During cold weather, we light a fire close to the table to stay warm, and wrap up in shawls and blankets. Well, we don't actually eat outside in the snow or when the temp is below about 50F ... but we do still have our fires all winter long. And drink hot chocolate out here, so I guess that counts as eating ... :)

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