My One Shot


The Utata weekend project was to imagine having to leave your home, never to return, taking only one photograph as a reminder of your space. The concept was expanded to include 4 photos to show where you:
work/make art/connect with flickr,

In thinking about this one I realized I don't really give a whit about where I sleep or eat/cook. I love my home office but it's just too much of a disaster right now to photograph. In the end, the place I would hold most dear is my barn.

Five friends and I designed and built this barn 16 years ago during a hot August. It was my first and last construction job, and I pretty much hated the sweat and strain of it. I did get into the nail gun but the thing I remember most was being up on top of the roof nailing the plywood down and totally freezing in fear for a period of time because of the height. But we did it and it's a beautiful barn with a stall the equivalent of 2 huge box stalls for Dandy, a full size hayloft, and a wonderful peaceful feeling.

This is one of those impossible shots. Outside was a white out from the blizzard and the light is incredibly uneven, popping up everywhere within a fairly dark space that is too large for fill flash to help much. Of all the shots I took, however, this is the one that embodies this space the best for me.

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