Liz West

Then I decided to invest a little time and work on the presentation of the food. That should be easy, right? Just create a simple still life image. Some of my flickr contacts create wonderful still life images that thrill me almost, beyond words, but their best works are beautifully designed as well as photographed. The colors, shapes, and arrangement show a design sense far more sophisticated than mine.

I have had little luck with still life pictures. Occasionally, I’ll create a scene that contains food plus objects, but usually the results don’t thrill me. I’m not really good with three-dimensional design, I guess, or with the subtle interplays of color.

However, maybe I could just arrange the food to show off its natural beauty. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about props. Since I had a quantity of tomatoes, the easiest way to present them, I decided, was just to pile them up.

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