This is ok, sort of, but not really

Stefan Jansson

This is how most electrical boxes look in Haninge. I don't mind if a street artist does a number on them, or if a local rock club feels the need to advertise their next metal festival, as you can see on this box. That sort of advertising can be very quick, effective, and the only cost is the time spent. What I don't like is the untalented wannabe graffiti artist tagging everything he sees. Like you can also see on this utility box. The Haninge municipality agrees with me on this. Sort of. One year ago they decided, together with 14 local organizations, that all graffiti should be removed from public spaces as soon as it was detected. Has it happened? Nope. Will it work? Nope. So, what should be done? It is very simple. Set up a meeting with the local graffiti talent. Invite them to take part in an annual graffiti contest. As for the illegal advertising, make it legal on say, half the boxes, I'm sure the energy companies can live with that. Surely that will be an improvement to the current situation where illegal advertising is removed, either by the council, after a few weeks, or by people who see that sort of thing as a sport and try their best to remove everything as soon as they see it.

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