Ghost Man

Carol Schiraldi


I'm the bump in the night. I'm the chains you hear rattling down the hall. Catch a draft? Yeah, why that so could be me. I'm the one who slams doors when nobody is around or quietly moves your car keys when you are not looking. Hey, I'm the ghost in the hall, you know the one. Yes, I am. I'm trapped here, in the in-between. Unable to get basic cable, but still able to futz with the remote from time to time. I'm not quite in my final resting place but I'm not all here either. I'm the ghost of Christmas past catching up with you. Go ahead, pinch me if you dare, I might just fight back on you. You don't really want to make a ghost rise up in anger now, do you?

All of this talk about dying since the day you were born and living a little has me confused. I just want a ham sandwich. Well, maybe that and to know that my life, when I had one, was actually worth something, even if just a little bit.


Can you hear that? This war between the living and dying is sure stirring up some ghosts in me too.

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