the back yard in winter

Karen Christine Hibbard

“I do spend a crazy amount of time lost in the garden. Wandering from plot to plot. If I have my camera, forget it! I have a plan this year to really get grow most of the vegetables we eat. Especially greens, peppers, the noodle beans and tomatoes. I find that some things grow better in my back yard in pots, especially hot peppers and certain green. I want to use my backyard better. It’s strewn with pots right now and there’s the green winter compost bin there must be a way to organize it better. I’m going to try not to fill up the yard with house plants, and use more of the containers for crops. And then there are the Xmas trees past. I use them to block a hole in the fence but maybe chicken wire would do the job and I’d get more room. It’s a small yard after all. I’m inspired by all the urban farms cropping up in my neighborhood.”

“Urban Farms?”

“It’s funny, Community gardens used to be the thing but now people are talking about farming. They even have chickens, although hawks and raccoons get them some of them.”

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