Chris in the art studios Beaver-Arcadia

Karen Christine Hibbard

“When you paint do you actually think about color theory or do things happen because you’ve spent so much time on the theory?”

“I think you work on color theory enough that the work becomes about color. I could spend hours looking at the meditation on a square.”

“My mother-in-law had the series in her apartment. I was amazed and in awe of it at first, they were the real thing. Just there lining one of her walls. She had this very white apartment. Clean and modern.”

“I have my copy of the Interaction of Color from college and a copy of the newer edition. I read some of it now and then. It’s still illuminating.”

“I was at an alumni meeting at Arcadia/Beaver and I went to the art studio. I always have to. It’s always feels the same. The same smells. The printing presses we used are in the same place.”

“And the Albers studies were on the wall”

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