Self Portrait with History

Linus Gelber

I lived here, on Mott Street, for a while between high school and college. This was pretty much a welfare building at the time, and I shared the place with a guy named Vinny. It had four tiny rooms and no inside doors, apart from the door to the toilet. The bathtub was in the kitchen, which is an old New York tenement trick.

We were sitting watching TV one night and Vinny asked if he had shown me the burglar alarm yet. Burglar alarm? He reached down the side of the couch and pulled out a machete that must have been three feet long.

The ongoing and evolving Utata Thursday Walk project is a straightforward one - take the camera, go for a walk. See what comes of it.

This image is from my third Thursday outing, which I generally do on Fridays, but which happened on the Wednesday this time out. Thursday is, after all, a state of mind; and this is my birthday anyway, so if I say it's Thursday, it's Thursday for me.

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