Linus Gelber

The Thursday Walk is an ongoing project of the Utata group, and like many wonderful things it's simple in concept and boundless in ramification: take your camera, go out for a walk. See what happens. In general, I take my Thursday Walk on Friday, when I'm usually off work.

My Utata Thursday Walk this week was supposed to involve a photo shoot on a sailing vessel in North Cove, but the rain and thunderstorms put and end to that idea right quick. In an afternoon substitution of plans I decide I'll circumnavigate my block only - crossing no streets, shooting only on my side of the block, staying on the confines of the four bounding sidewalks. It's a good idea until the rain comes (and I've only done 1.5 sides so far), at which point I get a window seat in a nearby Starbucks to shoot the rain.

This shot is also a part of my continuing series of photographs of doors.

See the rest of my Thursday Walk images in the Getting the Hang of Thursdays set.

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