Definite Door


Keeping track of the eyesight streaming
Isn’t part of the regimen
Many hours of sleepless dreaming
Unaware of the mess you’re in
And if you didn’t have a clue
You probably never will
And all the things you didn’t do
Will inundate you still...

It’s the definite door
To another dimension
No more
(not even a mention...)

Better cross your heart, make it people-proof try to fight the fright
And have a real good trip, see you when you fall don’t forget to
Write yourself back...
And if you fail to see the point
Of doubting all you do
Don’t forget to blame yourself
There’s nothing else for you...

Say goodbye to your friends and family
Pack your promises silently
Funny how they forget to tell you
This is all you will ever be

(from Definite Door by The Posies)

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