Painting with a Pigeon

Tom Busillo

Forget brushes. Forget rollers. Forget spray guns.

Find out why thousands of professional painters are turning to The New Amazing Pigeon Brush to handle their toughest outdoor jobs.

“This little pigeon packs a wallop!”
-Ted Greenaway, President,

“It not only paints great, but it saves me the hassle of getting my kids a smelly pet rabbit”
- Sam “Mr. Paint” Oslen, Founder, Mr. Paint and Associates

And if you think they’re happy, wait until you hear from the pigeons.

“Before, I was just aimlessly drifting around the park living from crumb to crumb. I was totally unfulfilled. Now I’m in love with my own life!”
- Fred, satisfied piegon

Kit includes:
- 20ft. extendo-pole with pigeon-grip adaptor
- pigeon trap with sturdy metal cage and annoying 6-year old to throw potato chips
- 6 gallon cleaning tank with 1-month supply of patented “EZ Pigeon Clean” solution
- rooftop wood and wire pigeon nest (some assembly required)
- BONUS: 1-hour “Painting with Pigeons” DVD

Best of all it’s PETA-approved!!!

Order yours today at and receive The New Amazing Squirrel Mop absolutely FREE!


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