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Readers are different breed of cat, so to speak. Some say that the love of stories is a positive sign of an ability to relate to concepts and to empathize with other people. While sometimes we do it for the love of the story and sometimes out of necessity, we all read. We read novels and magazines, tickets and tokens and blogs and the backside of the condiment jars. We've all seen them - lovely moody pictures of illuminated manuscripts and old classic books with bent spines and yellowed pages. We've admired the gorgeous photographs of greeting cards and bits of paper from fortune cookies and poems written in crayon. There is something remarkable and compelling about that sort of "mixed media" - where the cerebral meets the visual ... where letters and words become a new sort of art. This weekend's project is to make some of those images. You can have people (reader/s) in the image - and other elements - but the main focus / center of interest of the photograph needs to be the text. It's all about the words, baby!
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