me & my maker (image maker...)


This is my first *real* digital camera. It effectively replaces a 35mm Canon AE1 Program and its 20+ years of travel and history (not so much mystery). It has many of the features or bells & whistles I thought I would need. That was a year ago. I love its resolution at 8MP, built in zoom lens, portability, lack of sensor dust, etc. I miss the ability to manually focus, a wider variety of lenses, larger ISO ranges, etc. I have had the idea of upgrading to a DSLR on my mind for a while now....

This camera has been an awesome extension of my eyes and vision, and has helped me capture many special images. I am grateful that this tool has helped me share those visions with a host of folks on Flickr and within Utata. As you might tell from this image, some people have suggested I speak with it....

Oh yeah, I love blue.


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