tuckered from a long day of pinholin'

Ian Blum

This is my favourite camera. His name is Sponge-Bob Square-Pants.

He takes 4x5 inch polaroid film.

Sometimes he takes positives, sometimes he takes negatives, but he always takes great photos.

He doesn't have a lens, just a little tiny hole in a wooden box.

He doesn't have an exposure meter, I need a handheld meter, a tripod, and a stopwatch to use him. The closest thing to bells and whistles he sports are a glossy teakwood finish and hand turned brass fittings.

The best thing about my camera is that it takes such a long time to make an image. Sometimes, if it's cloudy or dark, it takes me half an hour to take a shot. And what do I do to fill the time you ask? I wait like a seven year old the night before christmas, with anticipation, and butterflies in my stomach, because although I think I know what I'm going to get, it's always a surprise.

If your interested in pinhole photography, but tired of amateur DIY projects that never produce anything useable, I suggest you check out Zero Image and buy one of these beauties. It's an investment you won't regret.

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