My favorite cameras

Rachael Ashe

For the Utata project: Me and my camera

My contax and holga are my favorite cameras, and the ones I tend to shoot with most often. I've worked with both of them over a long period of time to the point where I know both well enough to shoot very consisitently.

I bought the Contax about four years ago to replace my poor worn out Yashica because I was about to go on a long trip at the time. It's a perfect workhorse camera, and I love the motor drive I bought with it.

The Holga has taught me how to look at the world from a fresh perspective, and to experiment more with my photography. Shooting with it has led me to trying all sorts of other toy and trash cams.

Even though I now own quite a few different cameras, these are the two I always come back to and never go long without using them.


This was a tricky one to take because I was reclining a bit in the pose and I had to keep the Contax from crushing my head while I waited for the self-timer to go off.

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