it's like a fairy tale, actually

tamelyn feinstein

This is me and my camera.

Well, technically, it's my husband's camera. And therein lies the story.

I had been using my little Canon Powershot S10 for quite some time. A sweet little point-and-shoot, takes great pics, but still ... a bit of a frog, perhaps. I yearned for something more.

And then -- deep in the recesses of my forest-like closet -- I saw it. A black camera bag, hidden away. I opened it up like a treasure chest (or maybe Pandora's Box), and inside I discovered what I had been looking for.

"Honey, did you know there's a Canon G2 in our closet? With extra lenses and stuff?"

"Oh, yeah, that. My boss gave that to me. I don't really ever use it."

What else could I do but rescue the poor dear thing and whisk it away?
(the camera, not my husband).

And we lived happily ever after.

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