ashy hands rest on pictures of spectra happy dude (a self portrait)

Jon Madison

this is what you would have seen had you seen me walking the streets of downtown seattle today, for the most part. the spectra was in full effect.

messing around with studio lighting (and apparently backdrops--doh!) with polaroid, then rephotographed with the digital (nikon D70).
polaroid 1: one directional light on, directly to my left
polaroid 2: two directional lights each about 45 degrees horizontal pretty close
polaroid 3: two directional lights each about 45 degrees horizontal, about 4ft away

all w/ a "muted" polaroid flash (taped my 600's flash with available blue tape)

,for the shot of the polaroids

two lights for ambient and a bounce flash for the digital

late night, so not even caring about un-ashing my dry hands. i keeps it real

thanks, djp for the inspiration to actually *do* something specific for SPT.

and now,

my favorites!
for the Flickr?Favorites pool.

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