The photographer, mirrored.

Matthew Brown

Reversed so I'm the right way round and the mirror isn't.

I've had this camera - the Kodak DX6440 - for a couple of years now (almost exactly, in fact). It's proven to be pretty good. Most of my photographs are with this device. Within its limits, it's a very good camera - especially outdoors in Southern California weather. Its color is really good, and it produces very pleasing and sharp images. Not so good in poor light, of course, like most cameras of its kind.

I also have the extension telephoto lens that gives it a nice bit of extra reach, although it's heavy, being a big lump of solid glass.

My biggest issue with it is that I've pretty much taken it to its limits.

Its greatest advantage is portability. I have a little belt pouch for it that lets me take it everywhere.

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