PICT0001 (1 year-anniversary)

Phil Hilfiker

December 21, 2005

Well, dear people near and far:
BIG DAY! Today exactly one year ago I decided to join the craziness that is flickr.
Had no idea really what I was getting myself into! :)

But here I am, 1 year later - having picked up a thing or two about photography thanks to all of your shining examples, and finally with my very own, real, cool camera! (early xmas present to myself! :P) - so as a one-time only event you get the very first frame shot with my new toy, entirely unedited (and taken on 100% automatic setting! ;)

Thanks to all of you, my contacts above all, for making this year on flickr an amazing ride! Thank you for all of your inspiration and your continuous feedback that have helped me tremendously in at least starting to develop a certain photographic style.

I'm frankly amazed about what cool and caring new friends I've been able to make in this interesting community. Meeting a bunch of you in real life has been a real treat and I'm hoping to meet more of you as time goes on of course!

Thank you for a year's worth of comments, views and favorites! - You guys rock!

And thanks to my dad for letting me use his old 3.3MP Olympus (pictured here...well the camera, not my dad! - most of the photos in this stream up to now are taken with it) to experiment with!

sincerely yours!
phil hilfiker

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