Alley In A Frame

Catherine Jamieson

So. I finished a manuscript today. I went to hang in the studio for a while and propped my "must use someday for something really cool" frame against the wall atop a piece of gauzy backdrop material. Pictures build for me, sometimes it takes months for one to come together. And this frame keeps eluding me so every once in a while I pull it out and try and stare it down :)

You know who came in, yah?

And who had to pick the one spot in the whole room I'd least like him to be.

I swear, he's trying to be famous.

I just grabbed the cable release, kept sipping my coffee and ... I should make a mosiac of the thumbs - he had some pretty funny poses going on. Especially when he thought his tail should be outside the frame.

I did a whole pile of post processing but the only thing worth noting is likely the perspective shift to square the frame.

Oh yes, and sorry for another cat picture :)

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