Thursday Walk 01

Insanity Infusion suggested: Well, I'm going for a walk tomorrow. I really am and no one can stop me - not even me! Anyone care to join me? I'll be home before noon and will post one (my most favorite) shot that I take on this walking photo exploration! Who's in? A walk before noon - be it a ten minute break during your busy working day, or a ~Oops! I forgot something in my car and I HAVE to run out and get it (nyuk nyuk)~ and you snap a shot then...or for those who have to go for a walk with their eyes because they are strapped to their chairs as slaves to their workday and can only post a shot taken from looking out their office window... Pick up your camera (or two for those tricky ambidextrous photographers out there...) and let's have a little morning fun tomorrow!
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