Wildflowers Everywhere

Beckett Gladney

So Thursday was a very hard day in some ways; I've been really exhausted from the radiation but I was also sick of feeling tired and totally fed up with feeling sorry for myself.

So I took the excuse of the Utata Thursday Walk project to force myself to get out and go for a walk (well, okay a slow stroll, really) after that morning radiation session. And I drove around old haunts and found myself out walking slowly in the older wilderness area where I used to take the dogs for long runs.

It was good. It was sad because I haven't gone out there in years, since the dogs died. I leaned against tree trunks and watched a lot of robins gathering nest materials and felt my own mortality. And I was glad to be alive. I took lots of photos and I was glad I did. And then I went home and collapsed.

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