My Loves

Joe Cattoni

Therapy works. It really does. Meds do to. When you take them right.

It seems effexor demands to be taken everyday at the same time. And for god sakes, don't miss a day. It could be the death of you. Literally. Also, don't miss on the day that you decide to dig up painful pieces of your past. Then don't get into judgemental conversations about morality. Sheesh.

Therapy works too. All kinds. Flickr therapy is a godsend. Just knowing there are so many people out there with such big, selfless hearts is uplifting. My girls are great therapy along with a peaceful setting, the warm summer breeze and an ice cream sundae. All the good that life has to offer can snap things around in quick fashion. Sitting on the proverbial couch and hashing things helps too. Having someone help you see things you couldn't see because the blinders of depression were restricting your vision. It all helps and it's all worthwhile....

What a difference a day makes indeed. Now if I could just get rid of this stupid depression headache....

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