Petunias: Afternoon Glory

Linus Gelber

Since these vibrant beasts are flowers, I have no real idea what they are. I'm like that. Is it a Morning Glory? It looks like a Morning Glory, doesn't it? I don't know why I am so clueless about plants and flowers; it's a Guy Thing, I suppose. If you know whether it's a Morning Glory or something else, please let me know.

Once a week, camera in hand, we head out on the ongoing Utata Thursday Walk project (Thursday, happily enough, tends to fall on Fridays for me, when I'm free to go exploring). The project is a simple and strong one. Take the camera. Go for a walk. See who salutes.

Our forecast for today's Utata Thursday Walk is for rain, but unexpected sun turns the tables. For the most part I shoot doors and flowers, today. This bright papery purple calls out from a Brooklyn Heights planter.

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