Dory Resurrection

David Elliott

Small dory under repair at Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. The small shed where they repair old wooden boats has a pair of skylights that threw streams of light into the otherwise gloomy interior and across the dory.

This seemed to be a good candidate for the Dragan technique of "light painting" used to bring out detail in a photograph. This is NOT an HDR. I used a PhotoShop Action (basically a set of image manipulations that are recorded in a file to automate the alteration of an image) that duplicates a process developed by a chap named Andrzej Dragan. The technique is now referred to as Draganizing and for those with PhotoShop who are interested in trying this, the action file can be obtained at Action Central - I used the one by Sharon Lee (Zip file).

This is by no means a push button process. I have to "paint" areas that I want to lighten or darken with a brush that reveals or conceals the light detail - hence the term "light painting". One of the characteristics of this technique is the ability to create deep etched detail. My original of the dory can be seen here.

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